Welcome To The Angelite Group

The Angelite Group is dedicated to victims of Domestic Violence. It was created from the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. The Angelite Group provides hope to victims of Domestic Violence beyond what traditional systems can offer.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, I experienced a lack of help when I was that victim.
I know the helpless feeling of not knowing where to turn in the midst of the fear and confusion. The Angelite Group comprehends the depth of despair that comes with being a victim of Domestic Violence and creates viable and practical solutions to help.
Dee Dee Niedzwiecki, co-founder of The Angelite Group

With the passion that comes with an objective to create awareness and make a difference, The Angelite Group provides education in personal and cyber safety, grants victims of Domestic Violence monetary assistance based on urgency and necessity and establishes safe houses for at risk victims.

Mission: The Angelite Group supports the efforts of domestic violence organizations to create opportunity and hope for families affected by domestic violence and abuse. Additionally, The Angelite Group collaborates with resources within the community with the focus on the Unabuseable campaign. The campaign was developed to shift the judgement and perception of victims of domestic violence. We strive to provide supplemental funding for long-term housing and legal aid in contempt cases. The Angelite Group offers support to the efforts of domestic violence organizations to create opportunity and hope for families affected by domestic violence.

How You Can Help

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Meet Our Founders:

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki
Dee Dee NiedzwieckiPresident/Co-Founder
Dee Dee was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and gravitated to the family manufacturing business. By learning “old school” she learned what it meant to work in truth, integrity and loyalty. Despite her early success, she was forced to leave everything behind when she went into hiding from an abusive longterm boyfriend.

“I went from living a comfortable lifestyle to struggling as a single mom. Everything changed the day I found myself with my feet off the ground and his hands around my neck…I knew I was in trouble.”

In addition to her years working in manufacturing, Dee Dee has over 15 years in the real estate business. She expertly and successfully serves the Denver Metro area as a realtor. But her real mission is aiding victims of domestic violence by pairing people with resources and knowledge with those who need them.

“Knowing the statistics of Domestic Violence turns my stomach and I am passionate about creating awareness and change.”

As the Co-Founder of The Angelite Group, Dee Dee drives the vision to offer a different solution to people and their families in need of a helping hand in acquiring long-term housing. Dee Dee and The Angelite Group lend support to those in need in a way that does not exist within the domestic violence arena. Through creating campaigns like Unabuseable™, Dee Dee stays true to her word.

“People who’ve survived the victimization need real solutions in order to move forward. The Angelite Group offers those solutions. Providing supplementary funding for rental deposits, legal aid, support, awareness and caring… The Angelite Group will make a difference.”

Tom Niedzwiecki
Tom NiedzwieckiCo-Founder
Tom brings to The Angelite Group an impressive 30 years of extensive background in start-ups as well as large corporate organizations and leading sales and business development organizations. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in finance and marketing. Through his growing corporate contacts in the Denver metropolitan area he builds awareness and creates corporate sponsorships. Tom’s and Dee Dee’s experiences flipping houses offer a unique skill to identify, fund, and refurbish SafeHomes for women and children. His skills in operations and leadership will build a strong organizational foundation.

More importantly, after hearing the stories of abuse of his wife and other women, and learning of the not-so-widely-known statistics (1 in 3 women have been or will be a victim), he developed a passion to do something about it.

“When I hear these stories, my heart aches with sadness and my stomach burns with anger. This motivates me to help and ignites my passion. Something has to be done! We are going to drive change!”

Tom’s most powerful weapon is problem solving. Domestic abuse is a huge problem. Programs to assist victims are not widely known, have gaps, and are under-funded.

“With our funding, we intend to improve the awareness of these programs and identify and fill the gaps. I believe an equally important problem is education and prevention. Women need to be educated on the signs they are being abused — emotionally, physically, and financially. In so many cases, they become aware too late. Boys and men need to be taught the basics of respect. We intend to develop and promote educational programs focused on awareness and prevention. We can’t do it alone. It takes a village. I am part of an amazing team that keeps growing. It’s very powerful”