The amount of thinking and energy that is increasingly advancing the talk around Abuse is so excellent. There is a fantastic App called “Aspire” News App and it is another tool to help create awareness, action and forward movement.

Check it out, share it, look at it, talk about it, let us know what you think.

Below are some of the Application Features, Screen Shots and Reviews about the App:

We aren’t alone in our efforts.!!!!

Aspire News is a free application which contains summaries of top stories in world, sports, and entertainment news, from the When Georgia Smiled: Robin McGraw Foundation (and powered by Yahoo!).

Additionally, if someone you know is in an abusive relationship—or if that someone is you—the Help Section of the application contains resources for victims of domestic violence.

This app does not serve as a replacement for emergency services—in any situation where you feel that you may be at risk, please dial 911 or your local emergency number.

Customer Reviews
This could definitely save lives!

by Invisibleangel
Thank you Robin McGraw for developing such a powerful app for women who are in an abusive relationship! I was in a very abusive relationship over 7 years ago and this app could have been absolutely life-saving in the event of things getting out of hand. It was only by the grace of God that I wasn’t ever killed before I was able to escape to a shelter with my 6 week old, but this could have still helped so much during legal proceedings.

It is disguised very well, and I would recommend it to anyone in an abusive situation. I do think it could possibly be improved a little by disguising the help menu behind at least one more “hidden” menu option as it could still be possible for an abuser to stumble upon the help menu in this app and find out the truth. It is very likely and common for an abuser to snoop every nook and cranny on a victim’s phone and I would hate for them to not be able to use this resource because it wasn’t disguised thoroughly enough.
Great Potential!!!

by Touching lives
The apps concept is wonderful! I think it needs a few kinks worked out. The app is a bit confusing to set up. I don’t know if having an initial set up screen for a first time user would help but it took me time to figure the app out. I think the help section is to easily accessible. I also think the apps name should be customizable so that an abuser won’t recognize the Aspire name that’s been televised so much. I did a test distress message and it did work for me. My contacts received the message and my location and the voice recording.
Thank you for helping to prevent violence and to save lives!

by ic4rrie
I get it and this is a good idea but think about when abusers see this on the Internet just just came across it. you should consider adding an option for each person to customize the look of the app and app name on their phone page because when abusers see this on the Internet they’ll probably look at their significant others phones delete then and who knows what after.